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Gregory P. Thomas PhD MACE

I first became interested in metacognition as an undergraduate science education student in around 1985. Since then, learning about metacognition and how to develop and enhance individuals' metacognition has been my primary focus. I've been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of the very best people in the fields of metacognition, science education, and education in general. The key motivation for my work is that what I explore, learn, and write about should be useful for guiding and improving pedagogical practices. It should help teachers and students. This is because I see myself predominantly as an educator and a teacher.   

The field of metacognition and the ideas within it are not uncontested. No one source of information addresses the complexity and diversity of views. My own views are only one set, gathered from my research and my understanding of the research and ideas of others. In this site, you will find examples of my work that clearly articulate my position. You will also find links to a diversity of the views of others, not all of whom I agree with, but all of whom I respect. For me, education is not about stifling others' views. A classroom teacher's needs and views will be different in various ways to those of a university researcher, and v. v. My hope is that there is something on this website for multiple communities of practice from early years education to higher education. I'm always happy to receive polite and constructive feedback, and there is a blog for readers to share ideas and links to other resources. You can learn more about me here. I hope you find something informative, useful, and maybe even challenging at Metacognition Online.

         Best wishes, Greg

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